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Retail Dealer License - $299 Per Month

Get Your Retail Dealer License in 3 Days..!

No Money Down, Pre-Approval Process

1. Print, fill out our Application and fax it to 603-431-9181.
2. After the approval process pay $897.00 (First and Last 2 Months)
3. Start buying and selling cars..!

Retail Dealer License - Fully Insured Dealer Plate - Auction Access

For only $299 per month you will get:

Access to a Retail Used Car Dealer License
Access to Dealer Only Auctions
Access to a Fully Insured Dealer Plate
All the Necessary Paperwork to Buy and Sell Used Cars
Free Mentoring and Coaching

Join One of Our Co-op Dealerships Today

AutoIncome's "Full Dealer License Program" is designed for people who want all the benefits of a used car dealer license without the expense. For only $299 per month, you will get a fully insured dealer plate that is valid anywhere in the country, access to used car dealer only auto auctions, all the necessary paperwork and all the mentoring and coaching you need.

The typical cost of obtaining your own used car dealer license is between $10,000 and $25,000 initial startup, with monthly overhead ranging between $750 to $3,000 per month. Why pay all that startup cost and monthly overhead when you can get the same exact benefits as a used car dealer for $299 per month!

Terms & Conditions After you are approved for the retail dealer license program, you are required to pay $897.00 (first & last 2 Months) up front before starting the program. The dealership charges a $99 documentation fee for every retail car sold. There is a minimum sales requirement of two (2) vehicles per month. read more>>

Co-op Dealer License Legal Structure

AutoIncome's Co-op Dealerships are setup as Limited Liability Companies (LLC's), within the state they are located. One person is listed as the manager and is responsible for the daily operations of the dealership. Individuals are then added as members and listed with the Secretary of State as such. This structure affords each member all the legal rights associated with the LLC, including the right to buy and sell cars for a profit. Each AutoIncome Co-op used car dealership is properly setup, maintained and meets all state level requirements to operate as a LLC.

1000's of Members - 23 Years of Service

AutoIncome, a company and business opportunity twenty three years in the making, is the brain child of Timothy Putnam. Back in 1990 Tim started attending the University of New Hampshire but he needed a way to pay for college. A friend of Tim's had a used car dealer license and offered him the opportunity to "use" the dealer license for a monthly fee, thus allowing him to buy and sell used cars for profit. Tim accepted and after making over $50,000 his first year working only part-time (while attending college full time), he was hooked! (Tim's Full Story) The business opportunity that AutoIncome offers is the evolution of hundreds of used car dealerships, twenty three (23) years of hands-on automotive sales experience, the coaching and mentoring of thousands of satisfied Co-op members,and a little luck. AutoIncome has the experience and is committed to help and support anyone who wishes to get into the used car business and obtain a used car dealer license.

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