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AutoIncome's Dealer License Opportunity History

AutoIncome: 23 Years in the Making

All Ventures, Inc., the company underlying the trade name AutoIncome was incorporated February of 2007 but has been twenty three (23) years in the making. The brain child of Timothy Putnam, AutoIncome is the evolution of twenty three years of hard work, millions of dollars of cars sales nation wide, hundreds of Co-op used car dealerships and thousands of happy used car dealer license members.


Timothy Putnam was enrolled in the University of New Hampshire when he was approached by a friend with a business opportunity that could help pay his way thorough school. (Tim's Full Story) That business opportunity was buying and selling used cars. During his first year, while a full time student, Tim earned over $50,000 buying and selling used cars part-time.


During the next five years Tim earned both a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Business, while he bought and sold cars part-time. During those five years Tim also setup three Co-op used car dealerships and had over forty dealer license members buying and selling used cars all over New England.


Timothy Putnam graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of New Hampshire with both a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Business. It was at this point Tim had to make a decision. Tim could interview for a job like all his classmates were doing or he could take the Co-op used car dealer license business opportunity to the next level. Well, because Tim could not afford a pay cut he decided to take his dealer license business opportunity to the next level. Between 1996 and 2000, Tim diligently grew the dealer license business opportunity in the New England area. Being the serial entrepreneur that Tim is, he was also involved in a few other business ventures such as on-line dating and a medical staffing agency to name a few. However, the Co-op used car dealer license concept was always Tim's main focus.


Starting in 2000, Tim took his Co-op used car dealer license concept nationwide. Tim ran a monthly ad in Entrepreneur Magazine and he set up multiple dealerships in Texas. Texas was a good state due to the relaxed DMV regulations and its geographic location. This time period was marked with peaks and valleys for Tim and the company. The company grew exponentially, virtually to the point of implosion. The company was signing up an average of fifty members per month and could not open used car dealer licenses fast enough. The home office was also under great stress trying to handle the excess business. Managing a staff of eight full time employees and the exploding growth was even more unbearable once the DMV's started to take notice of the company's uniqueness. The state of Texas did not like the innovative approach and after a two-year legal battle, Tim decided to change his business model.


2005 was the birth of the Co-op used car dealer license model. The dealer license business opportunity concept is simple and emulates the franchise model. Basically, each and every used car dealer license is now owned and operated by the dealer license members with one member designated as the manager. The manager of the dealership is then responsible for the local daily operations of the used car dealer license. Such items include collecting sales tax, processing the sales paperwork, meeting with DMV inspectors and mentoring all the other dealer license members. Since the inception of the Co-op model all DMV compliance issues have disappeared and dealer license members now get local hands-on support and training from the Co-op dealer license manager. What started as a huge problem with the DMV's turned into a blessing because Tim Putnam was forced to come up with a better business model, which he did. That business model, the Co-op used car dealer license business opportunity, is currently in operation and running successfully nationwide..!

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