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1000's of Members, 23 Years of Service, 1 Commitment

AutoIncome, a company and business opportunity twenty three years in the making, is the brain child of Timothy Putnam. Back in 1990 Tim started attending the University of New Hampshire but he needed a way to pay for college. A friend of Tim's had a used car dealer license and offered him the business opportunity to "use" the dealer license for a monthly fee, thus allowing him to buy and sell used cars for profit. Tim accepted and after making over $50,000 his first year working only part-time (while attending college full time), he was hooked! (Tim's Full Story) The business opportunity that AutoIncome offers is the evolution of hundreds of used car dealerships, twenty three (23) years of hands-on automotive sales experience, the coaching and mentoring of thousands of satisfied dealer license members, and a little luck. AutoIncome has the experience and is committed to help and support anyone who wishes to get into the used car business and obtain a used car dealer license.

AutoIncome has gone GREEN..!

As of January 1st, 2011 AutoIncome is proud to announce that we are now a green company..! Over the last few years we have made a concerted effort to respect our planet and everyone living on it by reducing our foot print. AutoIncome is now 100% paperless as all our company files are now in .pdf format. We no longer have a brick and mortar location, thus cutting our costs and environmental impact while allowing our employees to work from home. This not only saves in gas emissions but also saves precious travel time that can now be spent with their families and loved ones. But please do not think of us as a home based business. We still have a large dedicated staff of professionals who are there to service you, our customer, Monday thru Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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