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AutoIncome Used Car Dealer Co-op Solution

Cutting Costs = More Profits

The only way to succeed in today's automotive market is to cut costs, and the best way to cut costs is AutoIncome's Used Car Dealership Co-op Solution! The concept is simple, share the base overhead costs of the used car dealership with other like minded individuals like yourself, but keep all the profits you personally generate. Our Co-op Solution lets you be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Why pay $1,000 to $5,000 per month for your own used car dealer license when you can pay $299 per month for the same exact privileges?

Share the Base Costs of a Used Car Dealer License

The concept is simple... Share the basic fixed costs of a dealership with other like minded entrepreneurs. For example, you can pay the full amount of a used car dealership with costs of say $2,000 per month or you can share the costs with a partner; each of you being responsible for only $1,000 per month. Well, if you can cut your costs in half with only one partner why not have 4 partners with each individual being responsible for only $500 per month...and so on and so on...! That is the AutoIncome concept in a nutshell. Many like minded people sharing the base fixed costs of the dealer license but with each person keeping the profits they individually generate..

Keep All the Profits for Each Used Car You Sell

After you pay one low-fixed monthly fee of $299 per month, you keep all the profits from each used car you personally buy and sell! This is what makes the AutoIncome used car dealer license Co-op solution so powerful. After paying your fair share of the used car dealership overhead expenses but you keep 100% of the profits!

Other Co-op Business Opportunity Examples

The Co-op business opportunity model is nothing new, as a matter of fact, many other industries use the same concept. Hair salons have used the same concept for years. A hair stylist can "rent" a booth in an existing salon for a fixed monthly fee. That stylist then builds a cliental and keeps all of profits he or she generates. Another great example are antique dealers. Again, antique dealers can share the cost of a space in an already existing location, display their antiques, and keeps the profits of the sale. One of the best Co-op examples is Keller Williams Reality. Each Keller Williams agent is an independent agent who works under a broker. However, unlike other real estate companies, where the agent and the broker split the commissions, Keller Williams allows the agents to retain most of the commission for themselves after a certain dollar amount of sales is attained. AutoIncome's Used Car Dealership Co-op Program works just like all the above examples in that AutoIncome's members pay a small monthly fee to be a member of a Co-op Used Car Dealer License. Each Co-op dealer member is then allowed to retain all the profits they generate. Think of this used car dealer license business opportunity as a company within a company.

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