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100% Money Back Refund Policy

Words of Wisdom

AutoIncome has had thousands of customers over eighteen years and we currently have hundreds of customers who earn full time incomes with this dealer license business opportunity. We have trained hundreds of people to buy and sell cars and can guarantee you that this dealer license business opportunity does work, but only if you do!

Please be advised that if your intent is to sit back, relax and expect that thousands of dollars will magically appear in your bank account without you making the effort to do the work and follow the guidelines to make this business opportunity a success, then AutoIncomeis not for you. Do not even send in your initial payment if you do not intend to follow up with our guidelines which would fulfill the conditions of our refund policy below; you will not get a refund unless you follow up with the three conditions to a full refund. We are certain that if you follow those conditions you will be successful and would never have to find yourself dealing with our 100% Money Back Guarantee policy. Again, this dealer license business opportunity does work, but only if you do!

This business opportunity is truly a simple business: buy a car, sell a car, and make a profit. Anyone with an open mind, able to follow coaching guidelines, and the desire to improve their income can easily master this business opportunity and make hundreds of thousands of dollars buying and selling used cars. AutoIncome reassures our customers' confidence on the success of this business opportunity by offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

AutoIncome's 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

AutoIncome will offer our customers, who meet the three (3) conditions below, a full refund of the monthly fees paid. AutoIncome will refund the first month payment, the last two month payments, and any payments made during the 90 day time period. All refund requests must be in writing within 90 days of their start date as determined by AutoIncome and must include proof of the three refund policy conditions being met.

Not being able to prove that ALL three conditions were met (when asking for a refund), indicates lack of desire to make this business opportunity a success and will result in declining your request. Once we obtain proof of ALL conditions being met, a full refund will promptly be paid to the individual within thirty (30) days.

The Three Conditions to a Full Refund

AutoIncome offers a used car dealer license business opportunity. AutoIncome is not a financial institution. Please do not send in an application with the initial payment and expect AutoIncome to send you a refund if you do not apply yourself and fully try the business as advice and trained by our representatives. Additionally, do not ask for a refund before you get a dealer license, you will not get a refund. AutoIncome only refunds money to those people who actually try this dealer license business opportunity.

The three(3) following conditions must be met in order to receive a full refund. AutoIncome DOES NOT MAKE EXCEPTIONS to this refund policy; please do not request an exception, you will not be granted one.


1. Buy and sell three (3) cars during the 90-day time period.

2. Approach thirty (30) new and/or used car dealers offering to buy and sell cars.

3. Run six (6) separate ads in major newspapers offering to buy used cars.

Feel free to contact AutoIncome (before you sign up) with any questions regarding this refund policy. Remember, AutoIncome only works if you do!!!

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